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This page is currently set to use the 3.8 version of the BYU ECEn Department XML/XSLT web templates. For more information about the ECEn Templates you can take a look at the documentation, or contact the web team.

What is This Page?

From this page you can view or download the page in a (very small, so far) number of different formats, including downloading the full assembled XML for this page and the individual files from which it is assembled as 'raw' XML. (If you want to get the XML files for this page in order to edit the page you probably want the individual files, not the full assembled one). To download a file from this page, right-click on the link and select 'Save As...' or some similar option. Note that if there are no includes in the main XML file for the page then the Assembled XML may be just the same as the Main XML.

If you just want to *see* what the full assembled XML looks like (rather than downloading it), you might be better off at the Display XML page, which shows you a 'prettified' HTML version of the XML.

You can also go back to the normal page view.

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