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     This project consists of several pieces. The first is a device that will detect tongue patterns in the mouth and communicate that information to the computer giving visual feedback showing the tongue's position. The second is to test the individual's ability to produce a specific sound. Once the individual makes the sound, their tongue will shape in the mouth and the contact pattern will be recorded. The pattern is then analyzed, comparing it with what the tongue pattern should be for that specific sound. A quantitative score will be produced informing the user how well he/she did.

 Project Sponsors:

 LogoMetrix, Inc. (2005)


 Dr. Christopher Dromey: Dept. of ASPL, BYU

 Dr. Samuel Fletcher: Dept. of ASPL, BYU

 Graduate Students:

 Jared Turpin


 Patent: 11,944,844 - Providing Speech Therapy by Qualifying Pronunciation Accuracy of Speech Signals

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