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An Invitation to Robotic Vision

Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China

School of Information Science and Technology

December 3-7, 2012

    As computing technology advances in the last two decades, computer vision for many industrial, military, and surveillance applications has become reality. Vision computation plays a critical role in many robot related applications such as manufacturing automation, obstacle detection, and autonomous navigation. Most researchers focus on developing sophisticated mathematical models and algorithms to solve vision-related problems, which require extensive computational power. This approach, although successful, is not suitable for many embedded vision applications such as micro unmanned air and ground vehicles (UAV and UGV) that have strict size, power, and processing speed requirements. For navigation and obstacle avoidance of these unmanned vehicles, a rough, quickly calculated estimation is arguably more useful than a more accurate, but slowly calculated estimate.     This short course introduces computer vision techniques that are commonly used in robotic vision such as color imaging, color segmentation, object and line detection, single camera and stereo vision. The students will learn the basics of computer vision techniques specifically for robotic applications. An open source computer vision library called OpenCV will be used in this course for students to implement real-time robotic vision algorithms. Students will learn to program an Android phone to control a small autonomous robot to navigate an indoor course while avoiding obstacles. The smartphone will execute basic computer vision functions and guide and control the robot. Students will gain hands-on experience by participating in a final competition at the end of the short course.




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