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Robotic Vision Lab

Ph.D. Students
Name Starting Date Completion Date Dissertation Title
 Meng Zhang 01/01/2014
 Yao Chou 09/01/2013
 Alok Desai 09/01/2011 05/01/2015  An Efficient Feature Descriptor and Its Real-time Applications
 Beau Tippetts 05/01/2008 02/29/2012  Stereo Vision for Resource Limited Systems
 Spencer Fowers 05/01/2008 04/19/2012  Limited-Resource Feature Detection, Description, and Matching
 Kirt Lillywhite 09/01/2006 02/28/2012  Feature Construction Using Evolution-COnstructed Features For General Object Recognition
 Zhaoyi Wei 09/01/2005 04/30/2009  Real-time Optical Flow Sensor Design and Its Application on Obstacle Detection
 Xiaoqian Xu 09/01/2002 12//31/2006  Shape Matching, Relevaance Feedback, and Indexing with Application to Spine X-ray Image Retrieval

M.S. Students
Name Starting Date Completion Date Thesis Title
 Taylor Simons 09/01/2016
 Lindsey Raven 09/01/2015
 Yunan Liu 09/01/2014 06/14/2016   Intermediary System Using Image Classification for Online Shopping
 Yung-Ping Chang 09/01/2011 06/30/2013  Gesture Analysis for Human-Computer Interface Using Profile-matching Stereo Vision
 Brandon Taylor 09/01/2009 03/01/2012  Smart Phone-based Indoor Guidance System for the Visually Impaired
 Beau Tippetts 05/01/2006 04/30/2008  Real-time implementation of vision algorithms for control, stabilization, and target tracking, for a hovering micro-UAV
 Spencer Fowers 05/01/2006 04/30/2008  Sabilization and Control of a Quad-Rotor Micro-UAV Using Vision Sensors
 Christopher Greco 09/01/2006 04/30/2008  Real-time Forward Urban Environment Perception for an Autonomous Vehicle Using Computer Vision and LIDAR
 Ammon Christiansen 09/01/2005 04/30/2007  Finding relevant PDF medical journal articles by the content of their figures as well as their text
 Jonathan Anderson 01/04/2005 04/30/2007  Semi Autonomous Vehicle Intelligence: Real Time Target Tracking for Vision Guided Autonomous  Vehicles 
 Paul Merrell 09/01/2003 04/30/2005  Structure from Motion Using Optical Flow Probability Distributions

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